Sustainability at Lilla Lane, past and future

Sustainability at Lilla Lane, past and future

The year 2019 is near its year’s end, and with the Holidays and New Year 2020 arriving, sustainability is more important than ever. We have always used cotton cloth bags in our stores to give to clients. We now pack our merchandise for export in cotton duster bags. Plastic is avoided whenever possible. From the founding of the company in 2001 all reclaimed leather (cutoffs from bag production) have been saved. There is zero waste. Thora Moss, designer of Lilla Lane, has created many new innovative designs using the scraps. Seeing them one would never think that reclaimed leather was used.

Below: stored all leftover leather from our production that we repurpose.

Reclaimed Leather from Lilla Lane

Reclaimed leather sorted organized and repurposed


All these products use reclaimed leather; there are many more.

Reclaimed leather products by Lilla Lane

Our product remains of the highest quality: light of weight, functional, elegant and fashionable. Each bag is meant for longevity. The Balinese and Javanese artisans with years of experience have a meticulous process in handling leather.

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Lilla Lane wishes you Happy Holidays & a Happy New Year.

Our post has been noticed and Lilla Lane got added to the places for Shopping in Seminyak, Bali


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